A Cheshire Cat in a Landscape

Hello, everybody!

I have never blogged so – it can be bumpy at first. If I manage the green, blue routes will be just around the corner. (Mark made me smile too much with his flattering post – I am still brewing the answer, but one thing is certain: Mark, I owe you a hat!) I am not a Cheshire cat (wasn’t that also an allusion – with the smile and disappearing act?) I hope I am here to stay :)

I have been reading some new stuff about painting – Contemporary Painting in Context edited by Anne Ring Peterson, 2010 - a very good selection of articles; among them “Matter and Meaning: ‘The Slime of Painting”  by Rune Gade, which connected my concerns in a obvious link to Joyce’s credo as a feminist artist. (Joyce, I really recommend the book!)

And I met a very exciting person (at a show of Doug Haynes for which my mentor, Amanda McRoberts designed a beautiful catalogue) – Caterina Pizanias, PhD, an Itinerant Academic Independent Curator. I might use her advice a lot.

I paint every day – it feels like I am on the verge of something – but not there yet…

Red Deer radio provided me with a beautiful -haiku? : “You lose your grip

                                                                                                  And then you slip

                                                                                                  Into a masterpiece…”

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