My method evolves from producing a mark which evokes memories of places I left behind and places that have become my home here in Canada. I consider this mark to be a kind of seminal text in my narrative. It can also be seen as my ‘artist’s cell’ or a unit of my individual artistic language. 

 This mark is achieved by the technique  of gouache transfer on different surfaces (paper, canvas, or board). The basic image or ‘drawing’ achieved through this process is later further developed into paintings of ‘coded landscapes’ or imaginary places in which I create environments that combine almost recognizable features of ‘place’ with the energy and the urgency of feeling evoked by the memory achieved through the use of dramatic color and gesture. I almost literally place the image of one world upon another while creating large paintings that bear the ‘forenzic’ mark of the movement of my body within the space of the work. The more intimate scale of my collages does not allow the free flow of mark-making but serve as metaphorical windows into the created world.

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