Rationale is defined as “an explanation why a given task is to be performed”, “the logical basis of the procedure”. In order not to slide into the methodological “why”, I have to hold myself firmly within the intentionalilty, hold myself as close to logic as the serendipity of art-making phenomenon allows.

The idea of displacement, homelessness and forging new identity in an adopted place is a subject many contemporary artists are grappling with. Practising art in a radically altered context is challenging. As a displaced artist I retain an emotional connection to the places left behind; the resonance of the original places is enhanced and intensified by distance. It manifests itself in creating abstracted environments which represent places and feelings evoked by them in a conceptual way. Very often the original and the adopted places interact and result in artwork that visually highlights the similarity between both.

Painting can bear witness to cultural displacement in its vision of adopted places and imaginary homelands. My practice explores this potential through means of abstraction, drawing on phenomenological considerations that are not part of the orthodox history of painting.  

Thinking about many places at the same time while making my art I am conveying the message of temporal simultaneity and spacial synchronicity. Creating inhabitable imaginary places in which the left behind and an adopted place interact makes the forging of this new distributed identity possible.

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