April 2, 2012: Work in progress, Qumran: Descent & Elevation.


May 22, 2012: Work in progress, Community Rule. Text as World. (60″x120″): 


March 5, 2012: Work in progress, In Formation


February, 24, 2012: Alethea



April 27, 2011: Work in Progress on Promised

Promised, 04/2011, gouache, synthetic polymer and oil on canvas, 66″x110″

Promised is my rendering of the hot Israeli landscape “tearing itself out of the map”, ‘framed’ by copied shoreline-drawings from old maps of 1468, 1579, 1618, (possibly more – this is what I am working on right now) and the contemporary shoreline.

Oscillation, 04/2011, gouache and synthetic polymer on canvas, 96″x136″ 

Studio, February, 2011

Studio, February 02/2011

 Studio, February 02/2011

Studio, February 02/2011

Studio, February 02/2011

my studio part 1

my studio part 2

my studio part 3

my studio part 4

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