Galia Kwetny - a Canadian painter of abstracted landscapes whose recent research explores ways in which migration and displacement is reflected in visual arts. Galia works in oil, synthetic polymer, mixed media, and collage.

     My paintings can be described as abstracted landscapes with elements of cartography or other recognizable imagery. Many of them start as image-based or image-inspired. I can say that these paintings speak of promise, of the pursuit of something glimpsed rather than of mastery. As many contemporary painters today I work on the borderline between abstraction and images, seizing the moment when the potential for transition has become more urgent than identification with a fixed position. Following this logic I can describe my practice as situated in-between abstraction and representation where any given mark can read as abstract or as image-bearing, depending on how you look at it. I believe that there are potentially as many landscapes as individual ways of seeing. In an artistic practice of a person living “on-a-hyphen” – or in-between cultures, several different ways of seeing can overlap and result in an original artwork. The unmediated nature of the genre of painting allows it to be nourished by a lived experience of a person. Having a ‘split identity’ or being defined by several cultures in my case also means being formed by diverse artistic traditions. Layering of events on canvas is symbolic for me reminiscing palimpsest recording of events in my personal history.