Galia Kwetny - a Canadian painter of abstracted landscapes whose recent research explores ways in which migration and displacement is reflected in visual arts. Galia works in oil, synthetic polymer, mixed media, and collage.

This page is dedicated to Artribute Art School students work.

Younger students (6-10 years old) study the fundamentals of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Their studio practice is intertwined with learning color theory and art history in an entertaining and enjoyable way. Students enjoy memory games, map games, and create their own narratives for the work. They use stuffed toys and pieces of colorful fabric for making up stories, setting the stage, making compositional choices and then creating paintings and sculptures. Students in more advanced groups (12-18 years old) are introduced to major events in art history. They analyze and transform objects into cubist paintings or render previoiusly observational paintings in a new style after a certain artist (Hundertwasser, Klimt, Van Gogh, Warhol).